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Macy Swaim

Macy Swaim is an extremely versatile dancer who has trained and worked in the styles of contemporary, hip hop, heels, jazz and jazz funk. She has worked with choreographers such as Kyle Hanagami, Galen Hooks, Brian Friedman, Nappy Tabs, HiHat, Janelle Ginestra and more! She has performed for artists such as, Jennifer Lopez, Zedd, Maren Morris, Juliane Hough, etc. She is seen in the Target commercial “The Middle”, and you also may have seen her getting pranked on Disney XD “Walk The Prank”.

As a teacher, Macy uses her versatility in applying a fusion of styles to challenge her students and show that education in more than one style is extremely useful. She loves to incorporate her flow and athleticism of contemporary with energetic and hard hitting hip hop technique. She also loves to express true passion when she dances, spreading positivity and confidence to help influence the community to support one another and dwell into what they love most about moving and dancing. 

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