70- 79.9
80- 84.9
85- 89.9
90- 94.9
 Platinum ELITE
95 +


Overall Awards:

Solos: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior

Duos/ Trios: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior

Small Groups: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior

Large Groups: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior

Lines: Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior


Top 3 routines will be announced in each category, and given Cash Prizes of:

1st Place: $50

2nd Place: $25

3rd Place: $10

*Subject to a minimum of 10 routines per category.


Special Awards:

Top Choreography

Outstanding Technique Award

Most Potential

Most Entertaining

Judges Stand Out Award


All results will be documented in the Results section of our website.


Awards Ceremony:

The awards ceremony will be available for global viewing on the Art n’ Soul Dance YouTube Channel on Saturday, September 5th, 2020.  



Competitors will be adjudicated by our Los Angeles based professional faculty. Judges will be using score sheets to provide critiques based on the following criteria:

Execution/ Technique


Choreography/ Composition

Timing/ Musicality

Overall Impression



A routine consisting of classical technique and steps, and includes Demi-character ballet. Ballet slippers must be worn.


A routine that consists of energetic movements with extensions turns, leaps and isolations. The routine can have a maximum of 3 gymnastics or acrobatic tricks. General lifts are allowed


A routine that uses foot movement to make rhythmical patterns. Must be preformed with tap shoes only, and taps sounds are not permitted in the music.

Hip Hop

A routine that consists of street style dance as seen in popular dance videos and incorporates popular mainstream music.


A routine that is a combination of both gymnastics and dance; there should be an equal balance of both genres.

A routine that consists of classical point technique. Pointe shoes are required. Any routine that uses Pointe shoes must select the Pointe category.


A routine that uses the lyrics of the music to express the narrative and/or emotions through movement.


A routine that does not fall under any other genres. However, if the routine contains more than 6 acrobatic tricks it should be in the Acro category.


A routine that combines dance and drama. Where the story is communicated through movement, acting and words. Lip syncing is permitted..

Song & Dance

A routine that combines live singing and dance. There should be no lead vocals on the backing tracks.

Black AS Symbol.png

A routine that breaks from tradition dance experimentally to emote mood. A style that combines both lyrical and modern dance.