Rules & Regulations:



  • Age(s) of Dancers:

To calculate the average age of your routines: Add ages together (as of January 1st, 2019) and divide by the number of competitors in the routine; drop the decimal place.


  • Age Categories:

         Mini Category: This category is for dancers 5-8 years.

         Junior Category: This category is for dancers 9-12 years.

         Teen Category: This category is for dancers 13-15 years.

Senior Category: This category is for dancers 16-18 years.

Adult/Parent/Professional Category: This category is for dancers 19 & over.


  • Divisions:


This division is suited for a dancer that has never competed before in a Solo, Duet, and/or Trio. They may have competed in a group. All novice small groups, large groups, lines and extended lines must be 100% novice. A novice dancer is allowed to compete in both the Pre-Competitive, and Competitive divisions. This division is not eligible for The ELITE Dance Off.



This division is suited for both recreational and part-time competitive dancers. They cannot exceed a maximum of 5 hours of training per week; this includes all rehearsal time. A Pre-Competitive dancer is not allowed to competitive in the Competitive or Novice divisions. This division is not eligible for The ELITE Dance Off.



This division is suited for a dancer that has competed before and is a full-time competitive dancer. This division is eligible for all Overall Awards and the ELITE Dance Off (all groups & lines). Senior age dancers in this division have the opportunity to participate in the Los Angeles Style Live Mock Audition with our LA judging faculty.



This division is suited for any combination of professional-teacher and/or professional-dancer, and dancers that do not fall into any other division. This division is not eligible for the overalls, or the ELITE Dance Off. Professional: is a dancer that is no longer a student and earns a full-time income to dance professionally and/or teach.



  • Routine Sizes:

            Solo: 1 dancer

            Duet: 2 dancers

            Trio: 3 dancers

            Small Group: 4-9 dancers

            Ext. Small Group: 4-9 dancers

            Large Group: 10-15 dancers

            Ext. Large Group: 10-15 dancers

            Line: 16 + dancers

            Ext. Line: 16 + dancers

            Production: 40 + dancers


  • Time Limits:

- All Pre-Competitive and Novice routines have a maximum time limit of 2.5 minutes!


- Competitive routines are as follows:

   Solo: 3 minutes

            Duet: 3 minutes

            Trio: 3 minutes

            Small Group: 3 minutes

            Ext. Small Group: 4 minutes

            Large Group: 4 minutes

            Ext. Large Group: 5 minutes

            Line: 4 minutes

            Ext. Line: 5 minutes

            Production: 8 minutes


- A maximum of 2 minutes is allowed to setup props and/or sets for all routines. Please contact us in advance for production props and/or sets that may go beyond this time frame.


  • Genres:

            The following genres are available in all divisions:

Demi-Pointe/ Demi-Character
(any routine in this genre with the use of Pointe shoes must select Pointe)


Jazz (a maximum of 2 acrobatic tricks allowed)

Tap (no pre-recorded tap sounds are allowed)




Musical Theatre

Hip Hop/ Street

Open (any routines that does not fit in any of the above genres)


  • Awards:


            Bronze: 75-79.9

            Silver: 80-84.9

            Gold: 85-89.9

            Platinum: 90-94.9

            ELITE Platinum: 95+


Adjudicators Choice Awards awarded by the judging faculty at every awards session.

Medals, Ribbons, and Banners are awarded in All divisions.

Novice, Pre-Competitive, and Production have separate overall awards.

The top 3 routines will be announced if there are 8 or more routines in the category.


Mini, Junior, Teen, & Senior:

Overall CASH Prizes in ALL Categories


12 & Under / 13 & Over:

Entertainment Award

Choreography Awards

Costume Awards

Innovative Concept Award

Passion Plus Award

Outstanding Technique Award

Judges Stand Out Awards



  • Los Angeles Style LIVE Mock Audition:

At every Art n’ Soul Dance Challenge event, all competitors registered in the Competitive division, in the Senior age category are encouraged to participate in the Los Angeles style Mock Audition done with our Los Angeles based professional judging faculty. This audition will take place live in the theatre, during the competition, and open for everyone to watch. The winner will receive a private mentorship meeting with our judges & a full headshot photo shoot session with a top industry professional photographer. Dancers are encouraged to wear what they feel best represents their personal style. The genre of dance is at the judges’ discretion and could range from jazz, to hip-hop, to contemporary, to musical theatre. Be prepared for anything. It will be a fun, inspiring, challenging, uplifting, and entertaining event that will provide everyone in attendance both dancers & spectators, special insight into the professional dance industry!


  • The ELITE Dance Off:

            Junior (12 & Under) / Senior (13 & Over)

The top five routines for each studio in Junior and Senior that received an ELITE Platinum score will qualify for the ELITE Dance Off. For the ELITE Dance Off event to occur, there must be 300 or more registered routines. At and event with no ELITE Dance Off, we will award high score overall awards! All qualifying routines will re-dance a beautiful banner, CASH prizes, and scholarships! Production, Novice, Pre-Competitive, and Adult/Parent/Professional are not eligible for the ELITE Dance Off!





  1. Entry deadlines are due January 15th, 2019.

  2. Age of dancers are as of January 1st, 2019.

  3. We accept Cheque, Money Order, E-Transfers, or Credit Card payments (Credit Cards ae subject to a 3.5% service charge). Cheques or money orders are payable to “Art n’ Soul Dance”. No rebate for late NSF cheques and late entries must be paid for by certified cheque.

  4. Full-time teachers and/or full-time professional dancers are NOT ALLOWED to compete in the regular competition; they may however compete in the Adult division (no overalls awarded).

  5. Art n’ Soul Dance uses the latest digital sound systems at all events. Music must be submitted via DROPBOX. Art n’ Soul Dance will email participating studios to join their private Dropbox folder prior to the competition. All music can be uploaded to Dropbox. Music Files must be in M4A or MP3 format. Please contact us if you do not receive an email to upload your music.

  6. Any photography, flash photography, digital photography, video taping, and/or recording of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITIED at all Art n’ Soul Dance Challenge events. Routines risk being disqualified!

  7. All judges decisions are final.

  8. Each event will have 3 qualified Los Angeles based judges.

  9. Time limits will be strictly enforced. There will be a 1 point deduction for every 5 seconds the routine is over the time limit.

  10. All judges critiques will be provided in video format.

  11. Judges score sheets will be e-mailed to the studio director upon the completion of competition.

  12. Novice, Pre-Competitive, Adult, and Parent categories are not eligible to compete in The ELITE Dance Off.

  13. Dancers must be ready at least 30 minutes before their scheduled time to perform. Dancers must sign in with a backstage manager at least 5 numbers prior to their scheduled performance.

  14. Once the first draft of the schedule is out and you are given a deadline for all changes, Art n’ Soul Dance will NOT accept any further changes of any kind after the deadline or at the event. Please make sure that you make all changes by the deadlines given.

  15. A dancer can only win the Art n’ Soul LA Audition in one city.

  16. There will be The ELITE Dance Off at all events.

  17. The placement of props and sets must be completed in 2 minutes or less. Please advise the backstage manager in advance with routines containing props.

  18. The studio is responsible for completely clearing the stage of all items following their performance.

  19. Any rules and/or regulations may be updated and/or changed at any time.