Dramatic Dance




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1.  Entry Deadlines are due Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020.

2.  Age of Dancers will be determined as of January 1st, 2020.

3.  All payments must be received with registration. 

4.  Online Payments ONLY.

5.  Teachers and/or professional dancers are not permitted to compete in the regular competition; however, they may

     compete in the Adult/Professional Division (no overalls awarded).

6.  Independents are permitted.

7.  Once the competitor has registered and paid, they will receive an email ticket with the link to upload their video 


8.  All Videos must be submitted via the link provided.

9.  All videos uploaded must be in MP4 or MOV format.


11. No late submission will be accepted, regardless of payment.

12. Videos may be filmed in the studio, at home, or on stage, and must capture the entire dance. The filming should be 

      one continuous shot without editing.

13. Time limits will be strictly enforced. There will be a 1 point deduction for every 5 seconds the routine is over the 5 

      minute time limit.

14. Judges’ score sheets will be emailed to competitors at the completion of the competition.

15. All Judges’ decisions are final.

16. Art n’ Soul Virtual Dance reserves the right to upload video submissions to YouTube.

17. Video submissions are subject to being used for promotional purposes.




Age(s) of Dancer:

Age is determined as of January 1st, 2020. For group routines: use the average age then drop the decimal place.


Age Categories:

Mini: Dancers 9 and under

Junior: Dancers 10 to 12

Teen: Dancers 13 to 15

Senior: Dancers 16 to 18

Adult/ Professional: Dancers 19 & over



Novice: This division is suitable for a dancer who dances 6 hours or less a week. All novice small groups, large groups, lines and extended lines must be 100% novice. A novice dance is permitted to compete in the Competitive division.


Competitive: This division is suitable for a dancer that has previously competed before and is dancing more than 7 hours a week. This division is eligible for all Overall Awards.


Adult/Professional: This division is suitable for any combination of professional-teacher and/or professional-dancer, and dancers that do not fit into any other divisions. This division is not eligible for the overalls. Professional: is a dancer that is no longer a student and earns a income to dance professionally and/or teach.


Routine Sizes:

Solo: 1 Dancer

Duet/ Trio: 2 to 3 Dancers

Small Group: 4 to 9 Dancers

Large Group: 10 to 15 Dancers

Line: 16+ Dancers


Time Limits:

All routines have a maximum time limit of 5 minutes.