Cat Cogliandro

Cat Cogliandro, born and raised in Houston, Texas, received her BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase. She was one of the featured "From Stage to Studio" teachers in Dance Teacher Magazine (Dec 2014), was named one of Dance Spirit Magazine's "Fresh Voices: 13 of the Dance World's Hottest Young Choreographers" (Nov 2014) and was one of the featured "Dancers With Degrees" in Dance Spirit Magazine (Sept 2015). Cat was one of ten choreographers chosen to compete in Nigel Lythgoe's first season of a competitive choreographer show on Go90, Every Single Step, where she made it to the final four. 

Cat is currently based in Los Angeles and teaches weekly at Movement Lifestyle, as well as pop up classes at studios such as Millennium Dance Complex, Edge, ImmaSpace, Peridance and Broadway Dance Center. She continues to travel nationally and internationally to "help people find a better understanding of themselves through dance".

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